We believe (a) that scriptural giving is one of the fundamentals of the Faith; (b) that we are commanded to bring our gifts into the storehouse (common treasury of the church) upon the first day of the week, as the Lord has prospered us, (c) that under grace we give as the Lord has commanded us concerning tithes and offerings(d) that we are commanded to bring our tithes and offerings into the common treasury of the church; (e) that giving is a foundational doctrine and that tithing is only a part of what the Scriptures teach on this subject.

(a) II Cor. 8:7

(b) I Cor. 16:2

(c) Heb. 7:2, 4; Matt. 23:23

(d) Lev. 27:30; Mal. 3:10; Acts 4:34-35, 37

(e) John 3:16; II Cor. 9:6-9; Matt. 6:42; Mark 14:7; II Cor. 9:15


Tithing is taught as a scriptural practice before (Gen.14:20b), and after (Matt.23:23) the Law was given to Moses. To say tithing is legalism is false. In fact the practice of the early churches was the concept of ‘grace giving’ as practiced throughout the book of Acts and as discussed in II Cor.8,9,10,& 11.