Toronto, circa. 1850


The most common meaning for Toronto given in current references is "place of meeting", derived from the Huron word: toronton. This origin was suggested by historian Henry Scadding in his book, Toronto: Past and Present (1884). Toronto Baptist Church is the "place of meeting" for Christians!


In these days of doctrinal confusion it's important to define our terms. We are Baptists. We are not Catholic or Protestant. We are not universal (the meaning of catholic) and we never came out of the Reformation. Baptists have existed since the days of Christ and the Apostles and have been known by various names: Donatists, Waldensians, Albigensens and Ana-Baptists. Regardless of our name throughout the centuries we have always held to certain foundational truths: sufficency of the Bible for all matters of faith and practice, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone for eternal life, perpetuity of the Lord's churches, baptism by immersion for believers only (we reject infant baptism), and the Priesthood of all believers. Obviously we hold to more than just these handful of doctrines but these are some of the things that make us distinct.


The name church has lost its popularity today in favour of other, less descriptive terms. The Lord founded a church, not a coffee house, rock concert or a self-help symposium. A Church is a called-out assembly of baptized believers, seeking to obey the great commission and the commands of Christ.

We are Toronto Baptist Church.