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Pastor H.W.K. Schönhaar was saved in 1984 and began studying Emmaus Bible Correspondence courses with New Life Prison Ministry. He later attended Kawartha Lakes Bible College in 1985 and was called to preach the following year. After more than a decade of preparation he joined Toronto Baptist Church in 1997 and has been the pastor since November 1998. He received his Bachelor of Theology degree in 1999 from Historic Baptist Bible College and Seminary.  
Pastor Schönhaar was saved after reading Jack Chick`s booklet; This Was Your Life, and understands the value of getting the Word out in printed form. The church passes out tracts at Yonge and Dundas, Sunday afternoons; spring, summer and fall as well as door to door in the winter months. Along with getting the gospel into the hands of the people, the church offers practical help to those who are homeless, hungry and hurting; including folks caught up in various addictions and the s€x industry.
Pastor Schönhaar has studied Krav Maga under Chris Gagne, Avi Moyal and former members of the Israeli Defense Forces. He continues to keep active by hiking, weight training and canoeing. Pastor Schönhaar is a licenced Private Investigator and continues to work part time as a security instructor and as an Executive Marketing Director with Youngevity. 
Pastor Schönhaar has been an active member of the Jewish Defence League since 2009, with a conviction that standing with the Jewish people and for freedom in general is a Christian duty.
His "life verse" is: Matthew 6:33, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Put God first and you will be amazed at what the Lord will do with your life!)
Pastor and Mrs. Jennifer Schönhaar have eight children; Eva-Joy, Noah, Ezra, Elisabeth, Rebekah, Micah, Ethan, and Jonah.  They have been happily married since 1997.
Mrs. Schönhaar homeschools the children and has extensive experience teaching at the primary, high school and college levels. She has memorized 55 chapters of the Bible and reads over 100 books each year. She is an active member of La Leche League Canada and continues to counsel woman on the benefits of breastfeeding and midwifery. Her blog can be read at:
The children all have a love for books with Eva-Joy and Noah sometimes reading two books each day! Eva-Joy and Noah both have blogs focusing on everything from classical literature, WWII, and Lego builds. Ezra is developing his artistic talents drawing, cartooning and designing Lego models. Ezra and Elisabeth are both good in the kitchen with Elisabeth baking most of the cakes and desserts the family enjoys. Rebekah is very good with children and loves spending time with her dad getting tracts out. Micah, Ethan and Jonah are the little guys who always seem to running around the house or playing some kind of game together!