I never would have thought I'd see the day that Baptists would abandon the Biblical Gospel or Scriptural eschatology. I am also shocked at the anti-Jewish sentiment I see out there in Baptist circles as well.

I focus on those who call themselves Baptists because generally most of Christendom has been out to lunch for several centuries. Baptist apostasy has been a relatively recent phenomenon.

Thirty years ago we all spoke "the same thing". The doctrines of separation, soul winning, standards, Scriptures (KJV) and salvation were clearly defined and understood. The rapture, repentance, redemption and righteousness reverberated. Prophecy, preaching and prayer were promoted from the pulpit. 

What happened? I believe a number of things happened but one of the biggest changes in the last thirty years has been the internet. False doctrine is now flowing freely on sites like YouTube. All a Christian needs to do is search and type in a key word or question and there will be some video or website that will refute sound, Bible teaching.

As previously alluded, three of the most common falsehoods are a non-repentance gospel, a mid, or post tribulation rapture and the idea that God has rejected and given up on the Jews. Space will not allow for a thorough refutation of these false teachings but for those who are seeking the truth on these doctrines email me.

Salvation always produces a positive change in a sinners life. Not sinless perfection but a new birth and sanctification which produces new desires. Things like wanting to go to church, Bible reading, prayer and a desire to stop smoking and drinking (this can take time but there will be a willingness to change in a man who is truly born-again). I asked one man, "Is it possible for a man to be truly saved if after praying the sinners prayer he continues to beat his wife, rob banks, do drugs, drink, commit adultery and never go to church, read his Bible or pray?" The confident answer was, "YES!" This is blatant antinomianism; the idea that grace frees a man from any moral law. This was refuted by the Apostle Paul over 1800 years ago!

The pre-tribulation rapture is taught by text and type throughout the Old and New Testaments. Just look at Enoch, Lot and Noah; who were taken out of harms way before God's judgement was unleashed. Also, read I and II Thessalonians and Revelation 4:1 et al.

Has God given up on the Jews? What about the 144 000 in Revelation 7 and 14?! What about the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948 and God's providential protection ever since?! Romans 11:1, I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid.